Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally! Lots of pictures!

I know I keep promising some photos... 
so here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately!

Yeah, he looks really grouchy. He was upset that I turned on the jets to make all those bubbles... 
and I made him sit down to avoid some non-internet friendly photos.

I tried to scoop the poop to re-test for giardia... but I didn't get good samples, 
only got half the vials filled, then left them in fridge too long... so now...
 I get to start over. Yay me.

Getting ready for a picnic at the park on a rare,
beautiful Saturday!

Picnic day! You don't want to know how much sand
I had to clean out of his crevices after this!

I bake treats for my parents' dental office where I used to work...
this time was 40 lbs of rocky road fudge! Yummmm!

Two main dinner requests...
Fasta (any kind of noodle) and Pee-sah (pizza!)

Little twists... I love little twists!

Again with my beads... I love my beads!

I had to send in baby photos of #1 for the yearbook...
Wasn't he adorable!!?

And another one! I think the yearbook will be MUCH cuter now!

Adorable little boy (#4) that built this awesome snowman!

I made this "injera" from Marcus Samuelsson's recipe for Genna.

And some more sledding!
We are supposed to get snow AGAIN this week...
so it's looking like that stinking groundhog was WRONG.
I'm a little bit done with snow and cold...
in case I didn't mention it before.


  1. Okay - who even owns a bowl that big...HaHa! You are a baking fool! Love all the pics of your adorable family.

  2. Adorable! I love the twists and the Injera. I'll have to try that recipe :-)

  3. Great pix of your beautiful kiddos! And I love the pretty beads, too!


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