Monday, February 21, 2011

8 is great!

My sweet little boy (#4) turned 8 this past week!
I can't believe it!!
It really does seem like yesterday that he was wishing us all a "Mewwy Mit Mis!" in December...
and now...
he's just growing up!
I don't know how it's possible that I get to be the mom of such wonderful kiddos.
I certainly don't deserve them...
(according to the "curse" my mother placed on me years ago...that I would one day have children that act "EXACTLY LIKE YOU DO!" ha ha ha...)
Here he is this past fall!
This kid has the BIGGEST heart of any
child you will EVER meet!
He is the first to say "Thank You" and the
last to demand his turn or his way.

His favorite book, fittingly, is Yertle the Turtle.
If you don't know the story, it's about a turtle king who demands all the turtles to stand one each others' backs so that he can see farther, and claim the area he can see as his kingdom. He doesn't care that the turtles below are in pain and hungry... and after awhile, one turtle at the bottom burps, shaking the pile, and the turtle king becomes no more than king of the mud. 

My little guy would be the burping turtle. 

He's a world-changer in the making!

And the party? Well, he invited some friends to play at a local indoor, really cool, entertainment place...
didn't ask for much in the way of presents, and wasn't really that interested in opening his gifts... just wanting to play with his friends instead.

Seriously, how do I deserve a child like this?

Oh, my heart just can't take how much love I have for my kids... and when I see them growing up and becoming the type of people who love unconditionally, serve selflessly, and give generously...
I remember how much I am blessed!

Happy Birthday, buddy!
Mom loves you more than coffee AND chocolate cake!


  1. Oh, I feel your joy! I have two of those amazing 8-year-old guys in my family, too! What a blessing they are to me. Happy Birthday to your very handsome guy.


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