Monday, February 14, 2011

6 month visit DONE!

Wow! What a morning!
Someone pass the kleenex!
The radio should be playing "Friends are Friends Forever...."
and there should be lots of girls wearing horrible dresses and bad attempts at make-up application!

No, wait... that was 8th grade graduation.

My FINAL, official post-placement visit is DONE!

I just can't believe it!
Something is just so... FINAL about it!
Not that our kiddos weren't FINAL before...
but up till this point there has always been that looming "next visit" from our social worker
(who is really more like a friend you meet for coffee
but who only wants to talk about YOU and YOUR family!).

We talked for two hours about the babies!
We talked about the fun stuff, the whap-your-head-on-the-wall stuff (5:15am wake up call, anyone?),
and the normal, developmental stuff.
The kiddos just ran around and played...
they argued over not getting a turn on the roller coaster,
cried about not getting the right sippy cup,
and my baby boy wanted to be held every 5 seconds...
but they were good!

We talked about how normal our family is to us,
about how I actually get offended whenever someone says "wow, your house must be CRAZY!" because it's not and it shouldn't be anyway!

as she was leaving...she said:
"this is normally where I tell the family how nice it's been visiting all these times...
but I know I will see you all again soon!"

Hee hee hee....


  1. What a great milestone to reach...and I love the idea that she just knows she'll be seeing you again!

  2. Love it. I remember being kind of sad when we had our last post-placement visit, and thinking we wouldn't see our social worker again for a couple of years ... little did I know, I would be starting another homestudy two weeks later :)

  3. Congrats on completing a milestone!


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