Monday, February 7, 2011

I got nothin'.

I have lots of ideas for things I should post...
Fun things the kids say...
My trip to the "ethnic" hair store...
My new awesome hair bead organizer...
My hate of the music in yesterday's half-time show...
nothing is coming together for me.
I have seen this fun little insightful idea on others' blogs and it looks interesting!
The idea is, you open up Google and type the one letter, in alphabetical order, and tell everyone what suggestions it has for you, based on your Googling history.
Sounds insightful, right?
So here goes.
A - Amazon. Yeah, clearly Google is our homepage and it's easier to type it in there than to type it up top.
B - Becoming Beka series. This is a book series by a Christian author for young girls, #2 likes them!
C - Craigslist - Trying to find a vehicle that will hold us all.
D -  Dictionary - is the ultimate homework helper around here!
E - Etsy - Setting up a storefront for my hair/body butter and generally looking around for neat stuff!
F - Farms for sale - Yeah, some days I just want to go "off the grid" and simplify.
G - Grooveshark - the internet radio thing my kids listen to.
H - Hobby Lobby - crafty stuff galore.
I - IRS - waiting on that pesky adoption tax refund form to be released!
J - Jet's Pizza - Wonderful pizza place near by!
K - KBB - Kelly's Blue Book - see "Craigslist" above.
L - Lowes - because something always needs fixing when you own a home!
M- Marcus Samuelsson's injera recipe - this is the "quick" injera recipe I used for Genna this year.
N- Nottdoppler - kids game site
O- One Minute Monologues - #1 tried out for a school play and had to memorize something.
P- Picnik - the photo editing site I like, but can never remember how to misspell picnic.
Q- Quick Gluten Free - Always looking for something simple, fast and also tasty.
R- Realtracs - Real Estate listing website - - just for fun, we aren't moving or anything.
S- Sally Beauty Supply - Because 8 different combs just aren't enough. And I want a tangle teezer.
T- Tangle Teezer Reviews - see above.
U- Uganda - Just looking around.
V- Van e350 - More used van googling.
W - Whole Foods - looking up their hair stuff, some vitamins, and locations.
X- Droid X - my phone, looking up how to use it! :)
Y- Yellow Shea Butter - Researching the differences between yellow and the white, refined and unrefined.
Z- Zillow - house site, tells you home values and recent sales prices. Its pretty cool.

And because I couldn't resist...
here's a pic of my newly organized bead holder
and the little tupperware thingy of all my hair rubberbands!
I love new organizational tools!

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