Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Discontent

Disclaimer: I have not yet read the book with the same title

This weekend, our pastor introduced our church family to the term "Holy Discontent".
That THING that when you think about a particular situation, you just get to the point where you
JUST CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE. Not one more day of this. Not one more moment. You are moved to action based on your Holy Discontent with the situation.

For you, it may be the homeless downtown.
For some it may be empty food pantries unable to help the struggling.
For others, it may be single moms struggling to do it all on their own.
For still others, it may be children around the world without a family.

Whatever that THING is that the Lord has placed on your heart...
do the WORLD a favor.
PRAY and ASK the Lord to open your eyes to the opportunities in front of you!

They are there!

You may be comfortable in your house and safe from seeing very many needs around you... ask anyway.
You might be busy with your schedule, your job, and running kids back and forth to a million places every week... ask anyway.
You might think you can't do anything to help anyone since you are struggling yourself... ASK ANYWAY.

You never know what blessings you are missing out on EVERY SINGLE DAY because you blindly walk away or drive right past a need that the Lord has placed on your path.
He's watching, you know.
He's waiting...
"Oh, child... is THIS the day you will SEE???"
"Beloved... open the eyes I gave you! There is so much MORE I want from you!"

We say all the time how life is short.
What are you doing with your short, vapor of a life??
I'm happy you are raising your family... but can you do more?

Can you read to a child at your local school one day a week?

Can you start a blog and make it JUST FOR PRAYER REQUESTS
and then commit to pray for those people?

Can you commit to pray for anyone the Lord would bring into your path - - RIGHT THEN AND THERE? No more passive "Awww! I will pray for your family!" and then walking away. Do it right then, with that person!

Will you listen, closely, quietly, and be willing to MOVE when the Lord tells you what He wants you to do?

I firmly believe that we are on the edge of a major revival in this country.
I see it all around me - people being moved to action, children being adopted, couples digging their heels in and refusing to give up on their marriage, friends jumping in to help when they know of a need, ministries being born by those who are unafraid of failure -knowing God is on their side....

God is moving today, still! His plan isn't finished... but unfortunately, the laborers are few!

Engage in this battle!

If not you, then WHO?

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  1. AMEN!!! God is showing us soo much more...and as we move to a whole new life, lifestyle, and well everything....we look forward to see what else HE wants us to do :)


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