Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just... yuck.

You know what?
I'm allowed to have a bad day.

I'm allowed to be "real" and not be all sunshine and lollipops all the time.
It's not about the kids...
it's not about the adoption...
it's not about anything other than...
dang it, I'm having a bad day!

Sometimes people who really love each other don't get along.
Sometimes people are mean.
Sometimes feelings get hurt.
And sometimes, I just want to go back to bed.

Sometimes I get frustrated and "snap" when a certain small child with a lot of words comes up and looks at MY breakfast (that I finally get to eat at 9am) and says "I don't like that."
I MAY come back with
"Well good thing it's not YOURS then, isn't it!"

I don't HAVE to like being awakened at 5:30am by two little girls who don't know how to freaking SLEEP.
I don't know who wakes who up, or why on EARTH they think that it's time to get up when its pitch black in their room... but its on my NERVE today. Tomorrow may be better... maybe not. I may wake up with them sometime before 6 and be all sunshiney and happy and not be bothered at all that it's so early even most kid shows have not come on TV yet.

I can have JOY because I know who I am in Christ, but be in a funk nonetheless.
 It's not a symptom of my spiritual health to be grouchy today.
MAYBE, just maybe... it's just part of LIFE to have your ups and downs.

I can't always be Little Miss Suzie Sunshine just because I have 7 kids and people hold me to some kind of standard that NO ONE can attain. All those women out there with lots of kids... they have bad days too. I dare you to find ONE mother out there who never gets in a funk. It doesn't work that way.

This isn't about my having 7 kids.
I just felt the need to let you know...
even those "I-don't-know-how-you-do-it" mom's out there have bad days, too.
It doesn't make me a worse mother to let my kids watch more TV than normal today,
or to snap because someone doesn't like what I'm eating for breakfast...
or because the little boy drenched the bathroom twice in less than 14 hours...
or because that same little boy learned to say "Mommy MEAN" because I was mad about the water all over the bathroom floor...
It's just the way it is sometimes.
Hopefully things will clear up after nap time.


  1. Chrissy, I LOVE your transparency and how you usually see the cup as half-full....and now how you are honest about those not so great days. Amen amen amen. We all have em. I think (and my kids would heartily agree!!!) I have more than my share. And yep, the flooding of the bathroom is happening around here too and nope, I'm not a nice mama when that happens. Yesterday when Wade came home for lunch and declared our 4 year old a sweet little guy, my response was, "Looks can be deceiving!!!" Wade was shocked but smirked nonetheless. We all have these days....thanks for your honesty. Someday I really want to meet - I think we are kindred spirits. Here's hoping your bathroom floor stays dry today!!!

  2. Amen sister! Bad days are NOT a sign that we have too many children. They are not what we deserve for taking on too much. They are simply bad days and we have a RIGHT to them!
    God bless

  3. Chrissy Britches,
    I remember lots of days when you were not Miss Susie Sunshine. I Love You A Million Tons. Hang in there!!Your Granny

  4. Chrissy Britches? I LOVE that! Can I call you Chrissy Britches? :) Bad days suck, no matter how many kids you have. Hope tomorrow sucks less.


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