Monday, July 12, 2010

A Tuesday letter to my babies

Dear sweet babies,
Today, in Ethiopia, you will sit and watch as families take custody of their new children. They will go back to the hotel with their new parents today. I wonder, are your friends saying goodbye today? Tomorrow will be another Goodbye Ceremony. There will be tears, fancy clothes, a coffee ceremony, popcorn, cake and (gasp) orange soda in bottles. Do you watch and wonder when it will be your turn? I wonder if it is hard for you to sit and say goodbye to friends you have known for weeks and months. I am sure it is confusing for you. I am sorry I am not there to explain it to you and hug you and let you know you are no longer alone.

In 8 days we will take our bags to the airport and we will take the very big step onto the plane that will bring us to you! In 10 days, we will be there and it will be YOUR turn to walk down the stairs and meet your Mommy and Daddy. It will be YOUR turn to point us out to your friends and the nannies. It will be your turn to be scared, too - and that's okay. We understand. We are scared too. But, we love you to the moon and back and we will make sure that you never have to be alone again.

Ten sleeps, babies. I know it has been a long time to wait but in just ten more sleeps we get to hug you!

Sometimes people ask me if it feels the same - packing up your clothes and supplies for the trip - if it feels the same as when I was getting ready for my first babies to get here. You know what? It really does! I have folded and sorted, washed and re-folded, re-sorted and laid your clothes into little piles MANY, many times! Every time I pick up a little shirt or a tiny pair of shoes, I smile. I sit and look at little outfits and imagine getting to dress you for the first time! I remember the very same feelings when I packed bags for the hospital - not knowing what would fit, wondering if the tags would be itchy, and imagining dressing the new baby.

This week I have been getting your bedrooms ready! Sam can't wait to share a room with you, Joshua! He is so excited! He prays for all three of you every night, but he talks about his new baby brother the most. He has toys picked out to play with as soon as we get home and he plans to show you your room and your bed, then take you outside to go jump... as soon as we get home!
Girls, today I put some flowers on the walls in your room! Olivia and Allie both think it looks great and we have spent some time making up your beds today with nice sheets, layers of blankets, fluffy pillow and a stuffed animal too! There are a lot of beds in there now, but it still feels empty without you there to tuck in tonight.

I can't believe the time is finally here, babies! I have loved you, prayed for you, stared at your pictures, thought of you and imagined your little bodies around our dinner table for 8 months now! I am so excited to finally get to hug and kiss your sweet little faces! I can't wait to give you your baths and lotion up your little bodies, and dress you in your pajamas for the first night we get to tuck you in! I have some fun toys, books and some coloring pages packed (and I may be able to sneak in some Reese's Pieces if Daddy doesn't catch me!).

I love you Lillian, Evelyn and Joshua!!
Mommy will be there VERY soon!

(Oh, and Lilly... Don't let anyone cut your hair till we get there!!)


  1. So sweet. Does it feel surreal? It feels surreal for me and it's not even my turn! :)

  2. it seems magical and so real at the same time....i am so excited for you~!!

  3. thanks Chrissy for making me cry today! I can't wait for you to get your babies. Give them hugs for me, I miss them!


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