Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girls bedroom is DONE (mostly)



Enchanted Princess Pink on all but one wall 
and I added the fabric flowers with the same technique 
used on the tree in the boys room. 
These were significantly harder... 
maybe because they were more "precise". 

Notice the Bitty Babies on each bed... awwwwwww!!

The teenager part of the room:

Some shelves still need to be put up, but that can wait for hubby.

I think I could leave their room the way it looks today and head to Ethiopia and be okay with that.
So, until the shelves get hung, I am done with kid bedrooms!


  1. WOW Great job! Amaing transformation! Can't wait to see pics of it full of little ones:0)

  2. Awesome rooms Chrissy - I love decorating! Are we related??

  3. Thanks everyone! Shonda, we may be related!! ;)
    It is a big room... but it was the bonus room in a former lifetime!

  4. That is beautiful Chrissy! How fun for those girls to get to share a room. My boys share a big room like that and I think it is so good for them. I will be praying for your trip this next week. Looking forward to reading the updates!

  5. Love it! That's a huge room...I can't believe you have a room big enough to fit four beds...wow. I guess I'm so used to condo living here in Chicago. So excited for you!!!

  6. I love it! You did an awesome job! What are the ages of your kids?


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