Saturday, July 10, 2010

How I spent my Saturday

I am SO tired!
Woke up, 
did breakfast for kiddos, 
got dressed, 
went to a couple of stores looking for supplies to 
make my wall mural thing for the boys room, 
came home, 
put bunk beds up, 
created all this:

I bought A Mother For Choco YEARS ago when we first started talking adoption and exploring Guatemala as an option. It made me cry then, and it still makes my throat tighten up now. I am not taking it to Ethiopia.
I would scare the children for sure.

This is a fabric tree... adhered with laundry starch.
I like it.

Bunk beds, minus the top rail... waiting on hubby to put that part on.

Closer view of the branch and leaves.
I am going to make an owl and a squirrel for the tree, 
as per an adorable little boy's request!

All in all...
a very productive day!
Tomorrow - after church I may tackle the girls room!


  1. Love the tree....aren't you crafty!! Not much longer till those bunk bed will be filled :)

  2. Love it all! Good job, Mom! So, so excited for you all.


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