Friday, July 2, 2010

Random thoughts

18 days till we leave!
3 weeks from today, I will be holding my babies!
That's just crazy!

Horrible tummy hurricane has been downgraded to a tummy depression.
I may get to go shop for some small things for the trip now!

I told my 12 year old today that if she talks 
with food in her mouth ONE MORE TIME, 
I am putting her on a liquid diet.
I am just full of 
enforceable parenting tips, 
should you need any.

My hubby wouldn't watch the romantic-comedy I rented last night.
I would just like to say that I have sat through 
EVERY shoot-em-up, gangster, people hanging on meat hooks, exploding cars, guns a-blazing, 
butterfly-effect, confusing matrix movie he has ever wanted to watch.
But who's counting.

I have returned to nail-biting as my primary coping mechanism for the stress of getting ready for the trip.
Nail-biting is still better than chocolate or marshmallows... 
my secondary coping mechanisms.

We had our travel call with the agency yesterday!

I went to see the local pediatrician and made charts for the new kids on Monday!
We still may take the kids to the International Adoption Clinic up in Nashville,
but our pediatrician has done tons of work in missions, with developing nations, and with malnourished kids and I think she can handle the minor things that may come up before we get in to see the IAC people.

I got tracings of my babies' feet yesterday!
Now to cut them out and go play Flat Stanley at the shoe store!


  1. So glad you are feeling you can start to enjoy the excitement of TRAVEL!!! Your babies are coming HOME!!! Let me know if I can answer any qustions for excited for you guys :)

  2. I so love flat stanley! Glad you're feeling better and getting closer to travel!

  3. Congrats on your travel date. We also live in Nashville, have 4 kids and are adopting from Holt. Would love to connect! Here's our e-mail:


  4. Hey Chrissy! Hope you are getting pumped up about your trip...the travel group before you leaves tomorrow- then it's your turn!! Wondering if you would carry some pictures back for me? Will you email me-



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