Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last weekend before we travel!

How we spent our last weekend as a family of 6:
  • Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
  • Trip to local waterfall to hike to the falls and play in the water
  • Fun game of “seek and destroy” with ticks
  • One game of Blokus
  • One game of Cranium Family Fun
  •  Swimming at the Rec Center Pool
  •  Family trip to Sam’s Club to buy TONS of food for while we are gone
  • Re-organize pantry to accommodate all the food purchased
  • Pre-make coffee for Sunday morning, tuck kids in, watch some news, and go to bed.

  •          Wake up
  •          Coffee
  •          Get ready for church
  •          Go to church
  •          Cry through most of worship
  •          Get prayed for by the congregation
  •          (Via our favorite pastor who decided to ask God to give us PATIENCE. Seriously.)
  •          Lunch at cheap local Mexican place that we love
  •          Trip to the mall to find watch fix-it place
  •          Decide watch isn’t worth the price to fix it and the new battery
  •          Leave the mall
  •          Go to Whole Foods to purchase more shelf-stable Gluten-Free foods so I have something “safe” to eat in Ethiopia
  •          Go to dollar store
  •          Kids choose $40 in junk toys to hopefully keep the newest kiddos entertained in the hotel room in Addis Ababa
  •          Come back home to dig duffel bags and suitcases out from under the house
  •          Find out our winter coat storage bin got wet in the recent rain
  •          Ensuing stress
  •          Trip to Laundromat for Paul while I stay home and sort $40 in junk toys into separate piles for rationing toys out during our stay
  •          Short visit to super hot attic for one more suit case
  •          Find elusive fleece blanket/sleeping bag in attic (yay!)
  •          Finish packing toiletries
  •          Pack food into hard sided suitcase
  •      Begin making more lists of things I still have not done but absolutely need to do before we leave in…

2 days and 16 hours!!!!!

But... at least I have food!!


  1. I'm tired from just reading your list!! Can't believe you guys are that close to leaving.....sooo exciting!

  2. I was thinking about you this weekend. I knew you'd be going nuts and was hoping that you'd remember to have fun too!

  3. I know you're probably frazzled...but you sound like you're getting things "checked" off your to-do list! That's excited for you!!!

  4. Just found your blog and I am so excited to see what the Lord is doing in your family. Know that your family will be covered in pray all the way from Vermont during this time.

    Blessings to you all and your new precious children!!


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