Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is what Chrissy's days in Ethiopia will and have looked like.

Saturday... whatever... hang out with the babies...
Sunday - Durame
Monday - back from Durame, visit babies
Tuesday - take custody and hang out at the hotel while other families go to Embassy appointments
Wed - Embassy appointment and going home ceremony (hopefully they schedule this so we can be there....)
Thurs - other families leave... we don't
Fri - more of the same
Saturday - visit Kolfe Boys home, taking them some fruit from donations we received 
Sunday - hopefully church, maybe just me, assuming babies can't go
Monday - chill till time to go to the airport around 8pm!
Fly all night...
Land here Tuesday at 7:33pm!
Somewhere in there we will go shopping, have the cultural dinner, do more paperwork, and all that other stuff they have you do!

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