Thursday, July 15, 2010

Only 6 more days! Eeek!

We get on a plane in SIX days!

Am I ready?

Short answer?

I finally finished packing for the babies today!
That's a MAJOR accomplishment!
Anyone who has ever packed for children for a trip knows it is difficult.
Anyone who has ever packed for three children you have never met, have never seen in person, for unknown weather conditions, unknown potty abilities, and unknown sizes...
they are all sighing and nodding their heads in sincere sympathy with me.

I still need to pack for Paul and I.

Well, I am going to let Paul pack for himself...
but I need to pack for me.
This includes clothing, toiletries, 
food, shoes, books, vitamins, 
and the rest of the stuff from my checklist.

I also need to make my master school supply list.
I do this in excel.
It's pathetic, really...
but it combines 4 grade levels of supplies
into one concise list.

I need to double check my paperwork.
I need two more copies of our "supporting documents"
for the embassy since they need one set PER child.
No, the US Embassy can't use the same set for the three of them.
That would make too much sense.

I need to color copy all my important stuff.

I need to print or copy my travel arrangements 
and other important stuff,
insurance card,
directions to the doctor,
directions to the grocery,
directions to the pool...
you know...
the essentials.

I need to finish planning and preparing the daily 
"envelopes" for our kids at home.
We have a daily "thing" for them as a 
count down to when we return.

I need to purchase my airplane reading materials.

I need to send Paul a photo of the specific 
type of adapter we need so he can purchase it.

I need a nap.

I have to drive to my mom's house to pick up another large suitcase.

I have to call the doctor in the morning and
get a rx for Cipro.

I have to call my dentist friend and ask to 
come in for him to look at a tooth.
I have an immense fear that I wind up in 
Ethiopia with an abscessed tooth.

Pack carry-on bag.

Get photo montage ready to post here and on Facebook on Tuesday!

I need to be able to relax and not do any of these things from Friday evening till Tuesday morning so that we can spend our last 3-day weekend together as a family of 6 NOT concentrating on preparations for our trip!

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  1. You're smart to call your dentist. We had dinner with someone at the US Embassy and she said that if an Embassy employee needs any kind of dental care they send them to Kenya for it! Eek!

    Bon Voyage! We'll be praying for you! You're going to have a marvelous time! I'm sure you packed all the right things!



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