Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I got updated medical reports on my kids today!

They are in Addis Ababa now!


Further more, one of my two favorite Holt people - Stephanie - totally talked me off a cliff this afternoon (prior to hearing about the labs and Addis news!)!
She is awesome and I hope someday to meet her and Jenn and give them both big hugs!

She told me that some of the nannies transition with the kids when they move from one center to the other so that  they have a familiar face, and they also transition with other children to make it easier! 

I just can't tell you what that does for my heart today!!

On the labs... I have some concerns, but nothing I think needs immediate care. 
I am having them looked at tomorrow though.
Poor Evelyn looks to be a little sick, too.
I need my babies home. 
But, today... I am happy to know they are one step closer!


  1. Congrats on getting an update. And, I think Stephanie is pretty great too!

    As for the labs, I don't know what yours say, but when I got labs for Ella the results were all over the place - some tests were too high, some too low, rarely was a test in range. I had my ped look at it and he was only concerned about the "anemia" and not any of the other test results. He said the anemia would be dealt with once she got home with a more iron-fortified diet. Anyway, just my help you feel a little better.

    Getting closer!!!

  2. The nannies in Addis are so fantastic! You're kiddos will be getting excellent care and lots of love!! Can't wait to meet them :)

  3. Yay, they're with my boys! Looking forward to getting an update soon for ours too. Once step closer mama!

  4. hey wait a second. I got labs too and didn't even bother to see the location... the paper said something about Addis but it was part of the form, not something that was filled out... now i have to go look. But I'm assuming my son is in Addis anyway since we passed court a month ago. Thanks for the reminder to LOOK :)


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