Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guess what I got in the mail?

Are you guessing?

No... it's not the prizes I won in Jamey's drawing (yet)! 

Any other guesses??

Not surprise money...
Although that would be awesome!!
(See new thermometer thing on side bar...)

Guess what it was.......

Guess what this means!!
It means we can bring our babies home after we pass court!
No moving to Ethiopia required! 
(which was our alternative if we had not been granted the 171H...)

We picked up HUGE amounts of donations for our yard sale/fundraiser (May 1)
I won Jamey's drawing for cool Ethiopian stuff!
Our LAST piece of paperwork came in the mail!
The weather was GORGEOUS!
I got to spend the day with my hubby and kids!

It was a great day!


  1. I told my husband about some surprise money that we got in the mail yesterday. He was looking at me, expecting anything (this was after some really great news that I had for him)and I told was a $.05 interest check for one of our stocks! :)

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  3. What a wonderful day!! :) Congratulations on it all. VERY exciting!


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