Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Purchase a t-shirt, 
get entered into a drawing for one free!

I will draw a name for a free shirt 
(whichever one you want!)
on the day we get our court date!

Each shirt ordered is another entry!

Some adoptive parents are ordering Paul's design
to give as a thank-you gift to
those who helped with the adoption!
I think that's a great idea also!

$20 including shipping!


  1. I'd love to purchase a shirt. Your design is awesome! Do you want me to mail you a check? Give me the scoop...
    Just home with our girl from Ethiopia 1/15/10

  2. We'd love to order some, Chrissy! PM me at with instructions for payment (PayPal?). Thanks!

    Anna (from Holt ET yahoo group)

  3. Hi Chrissy! I would love to order a shirt. Please contact me at and let me know how I can order/pay! Wonderful design - love it!
    (mom to Ethiopian beauty Zoe - home 3 months)

  4. I would like to order a shirt, please email me at with details on how to send you the money and I had a question about what kind of shirt it is.


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