Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Recipe for a Monday
yield: hopefully only one.
Have on hand:
  4 am accidental wake up
  2 1/2 cups coffee
  2 grouchy middle schoolers (minced to be up at 6am)
  2 elementary kids, first day back after spring break
  5 cinnamon rolls 
  2 bowls of cereal
  Additional coffee as needed.

Mix well:
  45 minute traffic jam on the way to work
  2 patients canceling for stupid reasons
  1 doctor in a crabby mood
  1 lunch forgotten until 3pm

Bake for 7 hours in "8 people from our yahoo group got court dates and Jamey and I didn't" pan.
Sprinkle with a phone call to USCIS, a phone call to Holt and the realization that no government official from the senate or congress cares if you have your 171H.
Dash of disagreement with husband, glaze with messy house, and serve slowly over the course of the day.

Review: no stars.
I would not make this recipe again. It results in a flat, dry, crumbly day that no one wants to touch.

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  1. UGH....so so so sucky...hope today brings good news


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