Monday, April 26, 2010

Little things

Along the process of an adoption there are little things.

Little things that help you "pull yourself up by your boot straps"and 
get on with your day or week.
(and yes, that is one of those strange Southern phrases 
that even I am not sure of its meaning. 
How you would do that? 
What exactly are boot straps? 
If you pull on them... how would that help you up? 
Wouldn't that be kind of hard to do?)

Today some of those little things...

A final interview for my replacement at work
(helps me to know that even though I will be sad to leave, 
I must transition back to a stay-mostly-at-home mom to bring our babies home);

Immigration letter stating that our 1600A 
has been forwarded to the Embassy in Ethiopia
(not a huge deal, but a necessary step along the way!)

I bought hair care products for the babies
(somehow it makes me feel like I am 
DOING something for them while I wait)

Fruitless search ending in frustration and becoming 
subsequently agitated at the inability to find a 
brown baby doll -or two- for my girls when we travel. 
(Paul says we just have not looked in the right places. 
I think its ridiculous.
It does, however, help me feel closer to them to be 
able to search and advocate on their behalf
... to have the need for brown baby dolls.)

My friend Jamey is going to pick up her daughter! 
She's leaving in less than 24 hours!
Another bloggy friend Tamara is leaving today!
(even though it's not ME traveling, 
there is so much to learn from those who go before! 
Hopefully she will see my three and be able to 
give them a hug from their Mommy!)

Misery loves company.
(not that I am necessarily MISERABLE while waiting...I am doing pretty good today...
but it is nice to know others are waiting for their court dates and travel appointments right along with me! They are encouraging, funny, sad, sympathetic, empathetic, and right there with me on this ride. I don't know what I would do if I were going through this without the support and encouragement of my friends, family and those I don't know personally but who feel like old friends through the miracle of blogs and yahoo groups!)


  1. It seems like not so long ago you were fighting to get through that committee process!! Now you've been waiting for quite a while for your court date. I can't believe we have caught up with you. It's such a slow down/ speed up process. Crazy. I hope you get a surprise court passing. :) :)

  2. okay, I wrote this long comment and then closed the box before I typed in the security font thingy. So frustrating. Basically I had two comments:
    1. Baby dolls. Etsy search for ethiopian baby doll and you'll find crafty mommy's dolls. Very cute but pricey. I had to make my own by drawing out a pattern because we're cheap like that. You can also look here for some insightful info
    2. Our i171 was sent to Et but we never received confirmation. Holt said they'd let me know. 4 weeks later, I still hadn't heard and I contacted Holt again. They didn't reply to my question but instead told me I was travelling. Don't feel bad about following up with them!

    ciao girlfriend!

  3. Some days you're doing good just to get through....this adoption road is often long and hard. I hear you on the brown baby dolls...they are really tough to find in the store. I found a cute strawberry shortcake character who has brown skin, but only available on line. So sad for all (adopted and biological) our kiddos!!


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