Monday, April 19, 2010

T-shirts are HERE!

Fundraiser T-shirts are HERE!!


$20 each, let me know which 
design and what size!
I have Sm, Med, Large and XL.

Free shipping starting today!
The flat rate shipping box is $4.75 
for the smallest, 
so please add that into the fee 
if you don't live near me!
I can fit probably 3 shirts in that box, 
so you should only add shipping once.

We appreciate any help towards 
our adoption fees!!
If T-shirt's just aren't your thing... 
but you would like to help... 
even a $5 contribution 
would add up!
Thanks in advance!

Front of the Forever Family shirt

Zehlahlum is the Amheric (major language in Ethiopia) word for "Forever".

Back of the Forever Family shirt!

And then there's my husband's design.
Of course, I should add that this is a friendly competition... 
who can sell the most shirts...
his design vs. MY design.
this is HIS design.


  1. Okay...I want one of each. Both in mediums. I'll let you decide if I want the gray or the white in your design. :) I'm going to PayPal now!

  2. Thanks Mo!! I will try to post a pic of the white ones too when Paul gets back home and I will mail them ASAP!

  3. Ok - want your design (bible verse on back) in small, & the other design (lousy t-shirt) in size large. Going to PayPal now. Prayers for great success to help bring home those three precious ones!


  4. LOVE the tee shirts! I was just thinking today I needed someone for this Friday.... You're in girl. Hope you get lots of sales!

  5. well chrissy, I'm sad to say that I love his design. it's funny. I will definitely be chatting with my husband about buying a few of these for some friends.


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