Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our stay-cation highlights!

It's peach season! WOOhoo!!

We visited the World's Largest Treehouse!
This was the view from the top!
Guess who's afraid of heights? Yeah. Me.
We have the same smile!
Nashville Walk of the Stars (or something like that)
Pathetic attempt at a photo of all the kids.
Playing tourist!
Baby boy crying because I won't make him cake. 
We finally got our new van!! Look! All in ONE vehicle!!
It makes me feel VERY short.
That's pretty much the update! New van, staycation, peaches!
And while we were downtown...
three of my kids got to meet....
Our cousins were in town and they don't want to be on the internet... 
therefore the cute little hearts. So, no... that's not just a bad picture of me. ;)
She was very nice to everyone and my kids were super excited to have met
Hannah Montana's grandmother.

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  1. That treehouse looks amazing!

    And, is it my imagination or does your new van have two extra seats? ;)


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