Friday, June 17, 2011

What's been going on?

I realize I have not posted much lately (other than the last few days...)
and while I could give you a long list of reasons WHY...
instead, I will give you some ideas of what's been going on around here!

My baby brother got DRAFTED to the Arizona Diamondbacks! Woohoo!
He's played baseball for as long as I can remember and we are all super proud of him!
I've been trying my hand at some new recipes and things! 
I took the kids strawberry picking and I made jam!
Note... I gave each child a bucket...
didn't really think they could/would pick 25 lbs of berries!
See?? I made jam!
#1 got a cast for a fractured growth plate in his left hand.
He's missed several weeks of baseball and is trying out for the high school team with the cast on. Hopefully this determination will pay off for him and the coach will see that any kid who will put a glove on over a cast and go play short stop at tryouts is worth having on the team.
Cast #1. Cast #2 not photographed..
but it's neon green.
More cooking/baking experimentation... homemade Dulce De Leche from Alton Brown's recipe online! Too lazy to re-google it and stick the link here... but trust's there!
3/4 gallon of milk = 3 1/3 -12 oz jars of yummy goodness!
I started running using a program (condescendingly) called "Couch to 5K".
Yeah. That's the real name. So, anyone currently holding down the couch can supposedly be ready to run a 5K in 9 weeks of following their program. Unless you are starting the 4th week when you get killer shin splints that make you wince and almost cry in front of your children, hurt to the touch, and make you loathe the day you ever laced up your running shoes. 
Yes, frozen chopped onions and peppers make great ice packs!
Seeing more and more of #6's real personality as she heals and grows and gains confidence... it's such an encouragement!

All that, and my coffee telling me to go back to Africa...

This one thinking he can fly...
To finayee and ee-yon!!
And this one thinking she's the queen of our castle...

And easing into summer with the big kids at home...

It's been kinda busy around here!!

Hope your summer is going well so far!


  1. Great pics! Congratulations to your brother! Love the Africa coffee!

    And Couch to 5K really works! I did it last year. I'm one of those people who never thought I actually *could* run because every time I tried, even as a kid, it would hurt so bad. But C25K eased me into it and, sure enough, at the end of it I ran a 5K. Then I stopped running because I hated every second of it the entire time. LOL. Now I do the 30-Day Shred, which is much more enjoyable than running, but at least now I know I *can* run! So stick with it! Oh - and C25K week 4 was the worst for me. It was so bad. I repeated it because I was so bad at it the first time.

  2. I'm glad someone is sticking it out with the C25K. I made it to week 4 (twice!!), and had to quit because my knee blew out..twice. Hopefully once we get finished with our next move I can start again! Hope your summer with your babies is lovely, I love following your blog!


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