Monday, June 13, 2011


There was this commercial on the radio when we lived in Colorado Springs years ago.
It was this guy interviewing another guy about the zoo and asks if he likes giraffes.
The man answers, "I would say I am generally pro-giraffe."
For whatever reason that always made me laugh.

We spend a lot of time in our relationship circles discussing what we are for or against.
Pro-gay marriage..
Pro-animal rights...
Pro-eating animals...
Pro-wearing animals...
Cloth diaper-ers...
Disposable diaper-ers...

Get the idea?
We compare.
We contrast.
We label.

We judge.

I have a few close friends.
You know the ones you call when something awful happens... or when you are so excited you just can't hold it in anymore!

One is mostly "imaginary"... existing online and over the phone, one travels for work most every week, and one lives near by and stays super busy with doctors and such for her own family.

I can tell you, of these ladies... we don't always match up on all of those talking-points.

My friend Jamey and I are about as mis-matched as they come!
We don't match up on almost any social or political issues and she's all crunchy-granola with her cloth diapers and cooking real food for most meals. But she loves Jesus and she will tell me when I'm being insane. She calls me when she has 5 seconds just to vent and hear me tell her "It's going to be okay... you can do this." and I call her (when her phone is charged up...) to have someone who knows my whole story and can listen and then tell me when I'm over the edge, or if I am right on track. She makes me laugh and cry and I pray for her and her kiddos.

Another friend has 4 children at home ALL with special medical and educational needs... and she just applied to adopt a Down Syndrome baby! She's so excited to finally be on this journey and I am jumping up and down for her! And me? I'd be more comfortable adopting with a medical need like HIV or limb differences or deafness... but Down Syndrome isn't what I'm called to. SHE IS! And she loves Jesus and she makes me smile.

Another friend is constantly challenging me to be a better wife, a better Jesus-lover and a healthier ME! She's like some kind of super-hero Energizer bunny, traveling and speaking, encouraging others with her words and her little messages, and she won't let me "go there" when I'm slipping down hill into my pit of yucky stuff. She says cute things like "trap the crap" and "hairy butt satan" and she's a super awesome example of how to live a life constantly having an on-going conversation with Jesus. She lives her prayer life and it's challenging to me to do better in that area. She asks for MY opinion on stuff and trusts me with things she needs prayer for too... because I can be a safe place for my friend. And I love that she is a safe place for me too.

I'm pro-friends.
I'm pro-having women in your life that you can call and spill your "junk" to.
I'm pro-being a safe place for your friends.
I'm anti-gossip among friends.
I'm pro-encouraging my friends and those who need a friend.
I'm anti-superficial how-are-you's.
I'm pro-accountability.
I'm pro-using-up-40K-of-your50k-words-per-day with a friend (unless your hubby is a talker...).
and I'm pro-encouraging our girls to have good, Jesus-loving friends in their lives that are after the same things. Life is messy and it can be hard whether you are 12 or 52 and we were made for community.

Go be a friend to someone today, and tell your friends how much they mean to you!!


  1. I saw this pop up in my Reader and thought, "Yay, she's posting something again finally" and then I read this and it's just awesome. Cheerful, right on, and made me laugh, the perfect note for me to go to bed on.

    (Please lobby my husband regarding me getting a new cell phone that will stay charged for more than 20 minutes at a time)

  2. If you had any clue how much I long for a friend like that. I have my husband, yes, but a FEMALE FRIEND like that has been my heart's desire for so long and I'm starting to think it's just not what God wants for me.

    That said, praise GOD it IS what he wants for YOU! I'm just jealous. Haha.

  3. Friends and daughters are the best when you need to talk!

  4. AMEN!!! I have really enjoyed getting to know a few women since moving here that I can do that with- IT HAS BEEN A HUGE BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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