Friday, June 3, 2011

16 years!

16 years.
16 years ago today 
I married my best friend.

Well, he wasn't my best friend at the time...
we had only been dating around 100 days or so
on the day of our wedding.

But now...
now, I can't imagine ever coping with this
sometimes stressful
always blessed
life we have together 
without him by my side.
Wedding shower in NY

16 years ago I nervously walked down an aisle
in a church that was WAY too big for number of people
we had in attendance.

16 years ago today I worried about
messing up my vows,
tripping down the stairs,
dropping the ring or the flowers in the transfer,
kissing in church,
kissing in front of my parents,
or if my hands would be too shaky for him to be able to put my ring on.

16 years ago today
our photographer took WAY too long taking staged photos,
cheesy photos,
and our guests waited downstairs in "Fellowship Hall"
for a simple, classically Southern, "cake and punch" type reception.
With hors d'oeuvre...
of course...
because I DID marry a chef.

16 years ago
I had never heard of wedding favors.
And therefore didn't provide any.
And therefore felt utterly embarrassed when my 
new in-laws asked what type of favors we were having.

16 years ago 
I figured we would have two or three children.
In a few years.

16 years ago
I was still a little girl playing house.

16 years ago ...
Who IS that girl I was back then?
I barely recognize her.
I have certainly grown and matured to the point
that I no longer identify with who I was back then.

he married me anyway.
He didn't have to...
I was fairly certain he was going to run away.
I'm fairly certain he thought about it.
I'm glad he didn't.

16 years,
13 moves,
5 states,
3 time zones.

16 years...
7 gorgeous children.

Thank you for sticking it out with me these past 16 years.
I know I'm often times crazy,
many times difficult,
sometimes impossible ...
but I know you love me anyway!

I love that I get to do this life-thing with you,
that you aren't afraid to dream big with me,
that you know what I want when I want "something that I want",
that you are SUCH a great daddy,
and that you can make me laugh!

Happy Anniversary, honey!
Here's to a whole bunch more!


  1. Congratulations.....beautiful family!!!!

  2. Ahhhh, you guys are too cute! I forget that in the south it's legal to marry when you are 14 ;)



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