Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer "bucket" list

So, summer began with the emergence of the 13-year cicadas...
and (equally as frightening) the shock to my system that this year I will have 7 children home for 3 months. 


as a matter of self-preservation of sorts...
I have a small summer "bucket" list.
A list of things to-do before summer... well, kicks the bucket.

Go strawberry picking We picked $60 worth. Yeah. I didn't realize how many lbs an Easter basket could hold. 
Go blueberry picking
Go peach picking
Make jams and assorted frozen fruits after picking them (kinda done-ish. I made strawberry jam!)
Picnic at the pool
Visit a waterfall
Catch lightening bugs (aka fireflies)
Sprinkler on the trampoline (aka "jump-o-lene" to the littles)
Go spend a day with Granny
Make BLT's with my heirloom tomatoes once they grow and ripen
Can stuff...other than jam  (I also made Dulce de Leche sauce!)
Go camping 
Visit a lake "beach" here in TN for a day trip
Grill artichokes
Make exercising a habit (almost 3 weeks into a jogging/running training program now!)
Take more photos with my good camera
Plan for the August/September birthday boom in advance!
Bug Jamey to death to make me nap mats for the girls to take to Kindergarten!
Host a fire pit Smore making evening with our new neighbors
Plan Christmas gifts that I can (and will actually) make
Grill dinner LOTS of times
Ice cream for dinner, outside, on the deck

That's about it! 
The hardest part about transitioning into summer this year was the change in routine on the little kids.
We went from basically having our weeks really predictably the same to having each day up in the air to the point that they don't recognize weekends anymore (since the weekend-marker was having the big kids home).
Not that this makes much of a difference...
nearly 11 months home and they still wake up by 6am at the latest. Every day. Holidays, weekends, week days, whatever. And almost in unison. In different rooms even. Crazy.

The cicadas are gone which means it's been enough days of summer to begin to say we are obtaining some level of routine around here again. Which is much needed. And much appreciated.

Oh, and I have a list of chores for anyone who wants to tell me "I'm bored!!"
Because we just don't DO "bored". As my sister says...
Only boring people get bored.
But around here...boring people fold laundry. And wash dishes. And clean bathrooms.
Because that's how I roll.


  1. I absolutely LOVE to read your blogs!!! Although I only have 2 to entertain (patiently waiting for more....from ET) our bucket lists for the summer are SO similar!!! Enjoy....

  2. Funny that I am reading your list and thinking "I can help her accomplish that". The funny part is I haven't even had time to make a list. :) I dislike busyness. I love that you didn't set the bucket too high. Make it happen and mark them off. Love you!

  3. I knew your bucket list was going to be full of healthy food activities. Ha! I tried the whole giving out chores when they complain about being bored. But mine just refuse, and then continue to complain about being bored. It's maddening. I use the "only boring people are bored" line on mine too! Hee!


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