Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An anniversary is coming

We are coming up on our one-year anniversary!
I can't believe this time last year I was obsessing over what to wear to court in Ethiopia!

One year later... it's just life with 7 kids! It's our normal!

One-year later... and my heart is still broken for children around the world with no families to call their own.
I watch our little girls climb all over their daddy, yelling "MY daddy!" "no... MY DADDY!" and I think... somewhere not far away, there are little girls wondering if they will ever have a "MY Daddy".
Our littlest baby boy LOVES to watch Daddy play softball with the guys from church. "I get big, I play game?" He wants to be just like his Daddy. And he can do that, because he has a Daddy to be like.

One year later... I can finally do bedtime for the littles in under 30 minutes! Teeth, potty, pajamas, prayers, kisses, questions, answers, more kisses, lights out, "Love you!", "Love you, too!"

One year later... a mommy and a daddy, big brothers, big sisters, fluffy dog, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends. It was all new, now it's all normal.

One year later... I think I finally know how many pancakes to make on Saturday morning!

One year later... and I'm mentally rearranging bedrooms and spaces and totally believing we have room for more kiddos.
Because I'm a Mommy.
And I know this great guy...who is a really great Daddy.
I can do a longer bedtime routine.
I have more kisses.
And I can always make more pancakes.


  1. love it! Congratulations!!!!

  2. your story always amazes me:) congrats

  3. I remember just over a year ago, being in Ethiopia, looking at pics of your three kiddo's in Tamara's binder, finding your three kiddos and loving on them, wishing and praying them home fast!

    Seems like just yesterday, but also like a long long time ago ...

  4. My heart aches to adopt...has for over 3 years, but God isn't movin' us...not yet. I hold out hope. I believe it to be a God blessed endeavour. I believe he placed the desire to adopt deep in my heart. I believe our 5 kids have room in their hearts to warmly welcome the siblings that are waiting. Your blog encourages me...and your family reminds me that it can be done. Thank you for sharing.


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