Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update, mid-summer, on the bucket list!

A while back I posted a list of things I'd like to do with the kids before school starts back in August.
How are we doing, you ask?
(Okay... you didn't ask...)

  • Go strawberry picking We picked $60 worth. Yeah. I didn't realize how many lbs an Easter basket could hold. 
  • Go blueberry picking (not yet. I'm trying to find a local place that doesn't charge a billion bucks since there are 7 of them and one wallet!)
  • Go peach picking (See above)
  • Make jams and assorted frozen fruits after picking them (kinda done-ish. I made strawberry jam!)
  • Picnic at the pool
  • Visit a waterfall (We have one nearby that would be okay, but the mosquitoes have been horrible...)
  • Catch lightening bugs (aka fireflies) 
  • Sprinkler on the trampoline (aka "jump-o-lene" to the littles)
  • Go spend a day with Granny (Not yet..soon!)
  • Make BLT's with my heirloom tomatoes once they grow and ripen (If they EVER grow big and ripen!!!)
  • Can stuff...other than jam  (so far my potted garden isn't producing anything... sad.)
  • Go camping 
  • Visit a lake "beach" here in TN for a day trip (Feeling unmotivated to do this...)
  • Grill artichokes
  • Make exercising a habit (almost 3 weeks into a jogging/running training program now!)
  • Take more photos with my good camera
  • Plan for the August/September birthday boom in advance! (kinda done... we have thoughts and some plans!)
  • Bug Jamey to death to make me nap mats for the girls to take to Kindergarten!(I'm calling it done... I may make them myself to save her the stress/sanity!!)
  • Host a fire pit Smore making evening with our new neighbors We had them over July4th!
  • Plan Christmas gifts that I can (and will actually) make (Um... babycakes, new body wash and lip stuff sounds good...)
  • Grill dinner LOTS of times  We've made great use of the smoker we saved from going to the neighbors' trash! 
  • Ice cream for dinner, outside, on the deck Okay, so it wasn't on the deck, but the flies are AWFUL and make outside eating NO fun! 
So... as you can see... I still have some stuff to do!
Other fun things we have done that weren't on my list:
  • Went to see Cars 2
  • We've been to the pool a billion times
  • Shaving cream on the patio table
  • Tons of  soap bubbles in the kiddie pool
What kind of fun are you having this summer with the kids?
Anything you have done that you think is an absolute must-do?

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