Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things you don't want to know.

Sometimes as a Mom, it is important to just DO instead of asking too many questions.
Asking questions sometimes makes you want to run, screaming from the house...
and call in the guys in the Haz-Mat suits to just take care of it all for you.
For example...

  • Why are Baby Boy's arms wet up to his elbows?
  • Why is he standing next to the toilet while his sister is going potty?
  • Why does he look "caught"?
  • What is that puddle?
  • Where are his pants?
  • Why did I think potty training was necessary?
  • Is that mud on the carpet? Please let it be mud...
  • I sure hope there was a slug crawling across my couch that left that trail of snot-like substance...
  • Wet door knob... surely its from the rain.
  • Did his sleeves get that wet ONLY from sucking on the cuffs? 
  • Is that laughing coming from the bathroom?
See what I mean?
Some questions just need to go un-asked.


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