Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's GOALS

I don't DO resolutions.

My thought process goes like this:

If I "resolve" to do something...
I am giving myself a new rule to follow.
Being a grown-up, strong-willed-child...
I know myself well enough to know that
I'm not going to follow some dumb rule I made up,
especially if I can justify why I don't need to!

I submit my

These are absolutely NOT "resolutions".

1. Get a better laundry system in place.
2. Make sure the sink is clear before bed.
3. Learn to do corn rows or flat twists.
4. Get my children to help with household tasks.
5. Plant a garden.
6. Get a vehicle that will seat all of us.
7. I hesitate to say it... exercise. Not more, just begin.
8. Begin a journal of funny things, happy things, things that make me smile.
9. Implement family Bible study time.
10. Get back into my crazy couponing.

I think 10 is a nice round number and a good stopping place!

So there you have it!
My non-resolutions for the year!

On another note...
our littles have been home 5 months today!
In some ways it seems like that time has FLOWN by, 
but on other days... not so much.
I miss my travel group friends
and the amazing experience 
we had in Ethiopia.
I do NOT miss the stress
of being in the passenger seat
of a seemingly out-of-control process!

I plan to do a "6-month Check-up" post, 
since that is the seemingly "magical", red-circle date
on the calendar that marks the point when most people
have found their "new normal"
and everyone is all comfy in their new role and place in the family.
We shall just see about that!

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