Friday, January 21, 2011

Ambassador Barbie

Did you play with Barbies growing up?
I had some.
At some point in my growing-up-years
I inherited my mom's "vintage" Barbie dolls.
There was one I remember...
you pushed a button on her back to make her hair grow.
It didn't work anymore, but it was cool nonetheless.

Nowadays, Barbie has many, many hats to wear.
Other than just growing really long hair,
there's Mani-Pedi Barbie:

News Anchor Barbie:

From the "huh?" category...
Computer Engineer Barbie:
Just because you have a laptop, does not a "computer engineer" make.
I am living proof of this fact.

I know I always dress like this when we go camping...

And then, there's Barbie as a Veterinarian:
Yeah, because if my vet looked like that, 
my husband would NEVER be the one to drop off 
or pick up any of our animals. 

I have decided I need a Barbie version of me.
It will be called...

Adoption Ambassador Barbie!

Yes, Ma'am it will!

It will have more normal proportions, and longer skirts... 
probably jeans with holes in the knees...
and some stains on her long sleeve thermal t-shirt...
but she will be SUPER awesome anyway!

Maybe I am finding my own version of Living Radically.

I can't adopt every child without a family.
I can't kiss them all goodnight or bandage all the owies in the whole world...
but I can be a voice for them!
I can show their cute little faces and be their advocate, 
their ambassador...
and pray for their families to find them!

So... in that spirit...
Please, join me in praying for this sibling group.
These sweet kiddos need a Mommy to listen to their funny little made-up songs and stories
and a Daddy to teach them how to ride a bike, 
how to scare Mommy half to death and what love looks like.

I swear if I had the legal-capacity in our house...
but alas.

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