Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For my Granny

If you are reading this
and your name is not

this post isn't for you.

(But you can still read it...
Granny is a good sharer.)

Here is your grandbaby...
whose name reminds you of
hearing Grandma Jackson 
fuss about pronouncing her own name...
and I apologize because we didn't know that
was her name when we picked it! Ha ha ha!
Here's that afro you requested!
Here's #5 along with a rare photo of our oldest!
 And here's #6... in the car... drinking juice.
6 was not in the mood for photos today. Sorry.
 And then this is what I found when I went in to put the baby to bed.
Someone had already put him in his bed 
to keep him confined...
and I guess he was really tired!
awww...... they are so peaceful when they are asleep!
 He loves his pillow pet you got him!
Isn't that sweet?
All better after her tonsils are gone!

Here's the baby... awake, and looking cute!
Okay... so that's about it!
I love you, Granny!

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