Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OVER it.

I am OVER my kids and their eating issues.

Last night I actually COOKED dinner.

Like really put a meal together, without my hubby being home.

6/7 of the kids in this house didn't want it.

My first-born wouldn't hardly touch it...
#4 didn't even get a plate of food...
#3 thought she would like it, but then barely ate...
#5 said "I can't like it this."
to which I responded "You need to eat it anyway."
#6 almost cried when I tried to feed her and
#7, the baby - he mostly ate, 
but got more in his lap and high chair than in his mouth.

What WAS this detestable dinner concoction??

I made chicken couscous with 
green beans and broccoli 
sauteed in a garlic butter sauce.
I added cream and parmesan to the couscous.
It looked fabulous!
Since it's a pasta, I couldn't taste it (not gluten-free)
but #2 ate it and said it was good!

I have decided that I am going to only feed them
Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches
Ramen Noodles
from now on.

I'm done.

Less mess, less clean up, cheaper...
and no decision making required!

I think someday they will decide they
are sick of those two choices...
and beg me for couscous.


  1. I agree with you! Out of 4 kids, I am super lucky to only have 1 picky eater - she drives me BONKERS! Likes to snack but then won't eat meals, then I get nervous that she's not eating enough and let her drink 50,000 cups of milk. Vicious cycle!

  2. UGH, I can only imagine having MORE kids fighting me about dinner...4 is enough. My oldest has finally learned that he's better off eating it. I'm so tired of fighting with L about dinner. For some reason it's no other meal, just dinner. If she doesn't want to eat, then she's getting up. No more of this fit junk. AGH!!!!!!!

  3. My children are allowed one hate food. That's it. One. My #2 son hates peas. Always has been his hate food - probably always will be. My number #1 son and #1 daughter change their hate food regularly, but they are only allowed to change it after a meal, not before. They have to eat 1 bite per years of age of everything else I serve. And we don't allow yuck faces or complaining at the dinner table.

  4. LOL you made me giggle! Yet I know it isn't a funny matter! Food frustrations can be sooooo hard! I've been lucky, for the most part my kiddos are good eaters. (Altho since I have to share them with their biological mom and she feeds them JUNK, we have a few issues of our own.... but for the most part they'll eat what's served. ha - maybe that's because they know that's all they'll be offered! lol)

    I'm glad I found your blog tonight! I'll be sticking around :)
    ~ Karli

  5. i am a big mommy-bribe and always get somethign great for dessert in exchange for 3 "no thank-you" bites of what ever vegetable that my son refuses to eat. If he can eat three-no thank you bites then he can have whatever dessert it is...i kinda make dessert grand- milkshakes or sundaes or candy...even letting him choose...but hes gotten in tha habit. I still make him mac and cheese or chicken nuggets or pasta 90% of the time...but the side item vegetable is the bribe :)


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