Saturday, October 30, 2010

I said I wouldn't.

But I broke down.
It was an emergency, really.

But who am I kidding.

I mean, most of the time when (as a mom) you make a statement to yourself like:

"I will NEVER allow my children to...."


"MY baby will NEVER...."


"My child certainly won't....."

You deserve whatever you get.

But this time...

I felt like I had this all under control.

I had made a promise to myself.

But in desperation, in one of those ill-prepared moments of haste...

I broke down.

And purchased these:

In my defense...
I was at the grocery store
without my diaper bag (I know... stupidity)
without diapers or wipes...
and baby boy was OOZING out of every seam.
So I was desperate. 
And they were on clearance.
For cheaper than the store brand.
So I caved.

They were pretty cute though.


  1. Hahahaha. As I was reading your post from the top, I was expecting something really bad...but who can really resist seeing a sweet baby boy in some blue jean diapers?

  2. Gahhh! Noooo! LOL, I would have probably done the same, I mean, they WERE on clearance, right! :)


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