Wednesday, October 20, 2010

awards, bread and hair

No, I can't think of a more creative title.

Today and tomorrow I get to pack up the littles (5, 6, &7) and head on over to the middle school where I watch the two biggest get an award for the first semester of school accomplishments! Today was 1's award day. I was so proud of him! It may not be for straight A's or even all A's and B's... but he was recognized today by his teachers for his compassion in and out of school! I mean, come ON! Grades, schmades! I want my kiddos to be compassionate and others-focused and the public school recognized this in my son! Awesome.
Tomorrow is 2's awards day. She has informed me that she gets THREE awards, one of which is the Honor Roll certificate! Not sure what the other two are, but I am almost afraid to hope for another awesome character trait award... but a momma can dream!

I've been baking bread like a crazy person! I think I am up to nearly 50 loaves (not including what I made for breakfast one day for the kids). I am baking for my parents' dental office. They take bread (or some other gift) to their referring doctors once or twice a month and since I am currently not employed... I get the job!
Pumpkin bread with butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips and craisins... with the Starbucks two-tone scone icing! I wish I could eat gluten... these look yummy!

And we have been doing more hair experimentation! I had 6's hair in little puffs this past 4 or 5 days and when I took it out, I was amazed at how long it had become with the stretching/drying of the puffs!
Check it out!

Here are the "twins"...

Aww... all matchy-matchy!

I think I "get" these little twists now!
It turned out cute!

Other side view.
I wasn't going for the spider-web part pattern, but since it's late October... 
I will just go with "oh yeah, it was totally intentional!"

(side note... see that stack of newspapers? Yeah, that's my ghetto booster seat, baby!
I can't stand the idea of buying another booster seat and our kitchen won't fit another high chair... so I saran-wrapped a stack of 5 papers together and VOILA! Booster Seat! The plastic wrap keeps it from sliding off the chair like a phone book, and its fully disposable when it starts looking yucky! LOL!)

As for Baby Boy, #7...
He is still fully embracing his Two-ness.

Today I said:
"No! No scissors!"
"Please don't put that in the toilet!"
"We don't eat leaves!"
"Do NOT pull that tree out of the pot!"
"No putting mommy's phone in the garbage!"
"NO swinging from the balcony!!" 
(by a sheet, tied to a rail, by an older brother)

He's two.
Not recently three.
I don't know that I need a bone-scan to verify that.
But he's really stinking cute!


  1. It really is amazing the things that we as moms say, isn't it?

    Oh, and I love the hair twists! :-)

  2. newspaper booster covered in saran wrap .... um, genius!!! You should patent this idea. I'm thinking of ditching my store-bought one for your idea so I can just toss it (guilt free) when it gets nasty.

  3. I agree with Shonda on your genius invention! I usually use game boxes but they slide. Saran wrap is perfect.

    And pulling the tree out of the pot, now that's interesting.


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