Saturday, October 16, 2010

50 ways to stay awake - by Baby Boy, #7

Since I am currently forced to sit in 
Baby Boy's room with him while he 
tries to go to sleep plays for an hour  ...
Here is a list of suggestions for those of you 
out there who need help staying awake.
You know, just in case you HATE how easily you fall asleep!

1. Demand that a very bright light stays on.
2. Demand that all stuffed animals are put on your shelf.
3. Pull all stuffed animals back off of the shelf.
4. Scream when you find the stuffed velvet frog.
5. Bite on your blanket and then pull it from your still-clenched teeth.
6. Kick all blankets off.
7. Get annoyed because you can't fix the blankets back.
8. Pull the elastic on your pajama bottom waist straight out... then let go.
9. Laugh.
10. Repeat 8 and 9 until told to stop.
11. Cry when told to stop.
12. Lay on your left side.
13. Switch to your right side.
14. Lay in an "S" shape.
15. Playfully throw limbs into the air and let them fall lifelessly onto the bed and make a plopping sound.
16. lay on tummy.
17. Kick covers off again.
18. Yawn.
20. Sit up in bed! 
21. Find non-scary, non-offensive stuffed animal.
22. Demand your mom tells you the name of all of the bear's body parts.
23. Find same body part on yourself AND your mom.
24. Laugh at poking mom in the eye while labeling "eye!!"
25. Cry when mom won't let you poke her eye again.
26. Mental note, when you can't pass biology - it's all Mom's fault.
27. Pout.
28. Stick out lip.
29. Demand labels for "bed", "blanket" and "bottle".
30. Get angry with mom for incorrect interpretation of "water" instead of "bottle".
31. Ask for a book.
32. Close the book mid-story.
33. Cry when mom sits in the rocking chair instead of on your bed.
34. Refuse to lay down.
35. Agree to hold teddy bear and make him go to sleep.
36. Feel tricked into laying down.
37. Throw teddy bear.
38. Try fake crying again.
39. Realize it does not work.
40. Agree to be covered up.
41. Toss and turn.
42. Turn and toss.
43. Flop onto your back.
44. Flop onto your tummy.
45. Make strange growling noises.
46. Make clicking noises with your tongue.
47. Finally sit quietly.
48. Think about kicking blankets off again.
49. Consider asking to play the "name that object" game again...
50. Decide to lay quietly instead.

He's asleep.

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  1. Very funny. Wait until he adds, "go potty" to that list. :)


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