Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hair Do Experimentation

Of the things we prepare and plan for in trans-racial adoption, the hardest (in my opinion) is "how will I know how to take care of their hair?!?"

Me personally... I don't talk hair much with anyone. I don't go get mine done at the "fancy" salon, I don't pay to get my nails or toes done and I don't like massages. I know, I'm weird.

So, add this non-girly mentality to the overarching inferiority complex of feeling judged by black women out in public for being inherently unable to properly do a black child's hair... and you have a recipe for a serious anxiety complex.

Oh, and I wasn't getting started with a bald newborn.
I was dropped head-first into hair drama with two girls AND a boy (more on that another time).

Deep in the trenches of hair potions, lotions, magical gels and concoctions... I have come up with some go-to styles for my girls.

I am fascinated by those with the ability to hold one section of hair while simultaneously adding tiny bits of oiled up hair from beneath the first sections. I see girls in the grocery store and out elsewhere with fancy parts and awesome braids with snazzy beads and clippy things and I ooooh and ahhhh over the sheer talent on display like some gawk over the Fashion Week runway shows in New York. I am totally in awe.

So... do not take the following photos as anything other than my setting a "baseline" for my own hair attempts.
I'm not showing off my awesomeness.
It's not there yet. I know. I am told often by my girls who "sizzle" while I try to learn flat-twists and cornrowing on their tender heads.

Go easy on me.

Ha ha ha... gotcha! No... this was her hair when we first met.
This was done by the nannies at the care center. I am sure they were telling her..
"oh, baby girl... this may be the last time you have awesome cornrows!"

Crazy comb out day! Yikes, Einstein...

This is Six, with her banded headband type do.

Front of our cheater corn row type style. 
I twist the hair between bands and use the 
elastics instead of braiding. Cheater, cheater. I know.

Here's the back of the same 'do.

And another view, same 'do.

Not sure what we were going for... but the day 1 'do was kinda weird.
She wasn't upset about the hair... though it could be inferred from this photo.

First try at a flat twist. Chunky, bumpy and just not right despite awesome video instructions over at Happy Girl Hair

I like her little afro, but it makes her look so much older!!
Is there a way to keep from needing to comb out the 'fro 15 times a day?
She HATES to have her hair combed out and I am SUPER gentle.

First try at Bantu Knots. I like these, but they are HARD to take out!!

Little puffs.
Sorry for the cruddy photo quality 
- these are taken with my phone.

itty bitty "puffs".

Back view of the little braids on Five.
Isn't it adorable that they want their babies on their backs - Ethiopian style!?
So cute!

Side view of the little hanging braids.

Side view of Five's headband thingy

Today's flat twists and bantu knot combo.

And the back... bantu knots.

Okay! I think that's about all the creativity I have attempted to this point!!
I think my favorites are the wedding veil or fake corn row types because they keep the hair tangle-free and stay nice the longest. I ADORE Five's hair just out and long, but she can't stand me re-fluffing it all the time! Any tips on that very WELCOME!


  1. I love your hair styles!!! Look good to me. I think the big thing with the afro style is CONDITIONER & plenty of it!!!! :)

  2. I'm so impressed! Awesome job.

  3. Your rock!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So impressed with all your work!!! I'm thankful to still be able to get away with just a headband!

  5. Nice job, Chris!

    The afro is my favorite. It's like a mini tribute to Grandpa, too. :)

  6. Just came across your blog! Your kiddos are adorable, and I am amazed at all your hair attempts! We don't have as much hair to work with yet, but it sure is tough! And my fave pic was the one with the babies on their backs - our girls do the same thing! I love it!


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