Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was tagged.

My friend Jamey over at Zehlahlum Family tagged me in a post for stuff about me.
Since I normally post stuff about the kids, about adoption, about my life keeping up with 7 kiddos... I will relent and play along!

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I have WAY too many pet peeves. I run a peeve petting zoo.
Some of them are:

  • Someone using the word "quote" instead of "quotation". "Quote" is a verb, "quotation" is a noun. Read this quotation... and I quote... get it?
  • Another word peeve - there is no "D" in refrigerator OR congratulations.
  • The sound of overall clasps in the dryer
  • Never being able to find jeans in the right waist/thigh/length ratio that cost under $100
  • (like Jamey... didn't realize we had this in common) the sound of bathroom vent fans
  • when my kids won't eat the crust of their sandwiches
  • Text-speak (No, IDK WTH UR talking about. Knock it off.)
  • waking up when it's still dark outside
  • that sound it makes when you scrape your fork or knife on your plate
  • Coffee stations that don't have real half &half as an option
  • Planning dinner only to find out someone put an empty container back in the pantry and now your recipe won't work without a trip to the grocery store.
  • Dog fur
  • my dishwasher and how it leaves these baked on mystery crumbs inside most of the glasses
  • People who "no matter how hard" they try... still can't gain weight! (Wah.)
  • How my husband can skip the second double cheeseburger and drop 10 lbs and I eat like a rabbit for a month and gain 2lbs. Yeah. That one really gets me.
  • Restaurants that STILL don't understand what gluten is and how to prepare food without it.
  • People who ...                 And we are moving on...................

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Wow. Well, this is a loaded question for me because my heart right now is to have a large home on a large piece of land where I can be Mary from Owlhaven and adopt more children and have space for them all. I would like to have the Duggar's kitchen set up and family closet. As for where... I like Tennessee (except whenever it's over 95 degrees and 80% humidity), but wish we were closer to the mountains and my sister in Colorado. 
3. Have you ever been searched by the cops?

Ha. I don't think so... other than in Germany in customs where I was frisked like I may be smuggling undeclared chocolate out of the country.
4. What is the one thing on your mind right now?

It's naptime... I gotta do those dishes, vacuum up the fur, pick up in the toy room, and WHEN is my neighbor going to be done pressure washing his stupid deck! Sheesh that thing is LOUD!

5. Favorite song right now?

"Our God" by Chris Tomlin because every time it comes on the littles start singing along! It's ADORABLE and it reminds me that our God IS greater than all the other junk in my day.

6. What talent do you wish you had?

I'm not trying to copy Jamey's answers... but I wish I could sing. Oh, and play an instrument. I can't even effectively play the kazoo. 

7. Favorite drink?

Coffee, green tea, iced tea and if I am really going to mess up my blood sugar... I LOVE Root Beer Floats.

8. In one word, how would you describe yourself?

Sleepy? I don't know... I have never been good at describing myself in any number of words... how about you just "see above" pet peeve list... that should pretty much sum it up! ;)

I'm supposed to tag other people... I think 8 of them... but since I can't remember blog names without looking at my links list...
I am going to tag my sister, Melissa from www.benjaminandmelissa.blogspot.com
and if you made it this far and you are reading this... comment on your 8 things after this post or leave me a note and let me know you put it on your blog! 
There... instant tagging! :)

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