Monday, November 1, 2010

An October in photos

Hello blog reading friends!

No, I didn't take any Halloween photos last night.

Bad mom award.

The little three didn't dress up or go out  begging for candy at strangers houses  Trick-or-Treating since they are typically really afraid of any type of costume or stuff designed to scare them. The bigger four went out with Dad (1 was a Titans football player, 2 was a baby, 3 was a fairy and 4 was Mario- from Super Mario Brothers). 

I do, however, have OTHER October photos 
proving that we made it out of the house 
on more than one occasion! 
Woo hoo! Yay us!

So... here goes!

We played with chalk!

 We even got some on the sidewalk!

 #5 thinks she's funny leaving chalky hand prints everywhere!

 We tried our hardest to get pictures of #2... who HATES having her photo taken!


 We learned to swing!


 Even the little guy! (Who isn't always THIS dirty...)

 But he IS normally this happy!

 We learned that the slide is not the root of all evil!
We sometimes wore shoes.

We were given some GORGEOUS dresses for the girls!
They love them!

 We sat on daddy's lap and snuggled in the gorgeous fall weather!

 We LOVE this guy!

 We were often SHOCKED by what we saw!!

 We were not super excited about THIS swing.

 Some of us less excited than others.

 These swings were better.
The cheesy smile #5 learned to do, was not.

 We met our friend, Yishak, at the park to play!
We were at the care center at the same time and love to see him!
The girls say "Mommy! Yishak so CUUUUUTE!"

 Some of us got BRAVE.

Others.... not so much.

We got this cool new wagon! We love it!

 We went to a pumpkin patch!

 Deceptively innocent looking, isn't she?? ;)


Big sunflower was a fun toy! 

 #6 - She was so happy about her pumpkin!

 I think #5 was wondering what it was for.

 We did heed this warning.

 But there was no such notice posted on the big trailer.

 75% of the boys in our family:

And the missing boy...#1... playing with the littlest! 

Pushing him in the swings... 
which he THOUGHT would be fun. 
 #4 - who I never have to BEG for a photo!

Isn't he adorable?? 

Re-thinking the "slides are not the root of all evil" statement.

They ARE, however, the root of all static electricity.

They were having much more fun than it looks like. 

They were.

I mean it. Fun times. 

I love this man:

Another sneaky pic of #2! Mwoo Hooo Hooo Haaa Haa! 

And another one! Isn't she gorgeous?

I discovered Baby Boy doesn't like the bull-riding tires.
I also discovered I had multi-colored hair and have since rectified that. 

 Baby Boy DOES like it when Mommy pushes him on the swings!

Hee!! Another one! This time a SMILE! 

#1 saying "I don't know WHY he's crying!!"
Make that screaming. 

Found a way to make him laugh!
Pretend to be knocked unconscious by his swinging feet! 

What's fun for one child is not necessarily fun for another. 
Case in point: 

#3 takes after her big sister.
What's wrong with my girls and photos?? 

Thankful for telephoto lenses.

 Then we thought it would be good to try to take a group picture on this ramp.

 Almost... 5/7 smiling!

Ok... not sure what's going on here...

 Baby Boy trying to escape, #6 looking somewhere else, #5 done with standing on the ramp, #3 acting like she's in pain, #2 clearly irritated, and #1 can't believe he has to participate.
 It didn't get much better. I never got one usable shot. I took 14.

But I got some good individual ones!
#5 is a doll!

Here's #7 being cute...

And #6 decided the camera was her friend! 

All in all... 
We had a busy, fun, memorable and otherwise very nice October!

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