Monday, November 22, 2010

Career Day

Dear School District,
This past week my oldest child was allowed to participate in a field trip to a local Career Day presentation.
He was really looking forward to this field trip.He even wore a suit!
He was excited about seeing the abundance of career choices presented to him that day, and was looking forward to meeting people in the community who are the leaders in their respective fields.

Of particular note was the inclusion of the local Bail Bondswoman... Grumpy's Bail Bonds... in the career fair.
(Yes, bloggy friends... she was there... running the booth.)

While I am certain you weren't intentionally letting the kids know that you expect them to wind up in jail in their near future...
(*yes, that's a coupon.)

and I am SURE you didn't mean to appear to promote underage drinking by allowing the 8th graders to return home with lovely parting gifts such as:

(Beer Cozy)
I am just wondering... exactly WHAT WAS her inclusion in career day supposed to be promoting?
Do you think I want my son to aspire to Bail Bondsmanship as his career of choice?

Were there other lovely career options as well?

Were there professional "Hit Men" present with large breasted women hanging out of their shirts people handing out brochures and free beer can cozies?

How about the "Lady Of The Night" booth?? What kind of free gifts were they offering?

I hear there was some guy with a big scary looking snake...
I am hoping he was a herpetologist. 

My 8th grader wasn't sure.
He spent all of his time in line waiting for the free gifts from the scantily clad bail bond woman.


********EDITED TO SAY:
I do not NOW nor do I hope to EVER need the services of this or any other bail bonds person. Thank you for your concern over the fees... but this was simply a post written out of sarcastic outrage over this particular local character being included in the middle school career day for my child.


  1. Holy smokes! Yikes.
    Time to do some damage control....

  2. Don't know what to say. I'm speechless.Yikes?!?

  3. OUTRAGED!!!! Also, this reconfirms in my head that homeschooling is the right choice for us. This world is truly out of control. Wow!

  4. Ummmm.....can I have the cozy? ;)


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