Monday, November 29, 2010

"Outside lights off"

In another installment of 
"funny things the kids say"...
#5's term for "it's dark outside" 
is "outside lights off"
or sometimes "no outside lights on".

Many times she says things a little backwards...
like "Me Mommy I love"
which means
I love you, Mommy.
(I'll take it!)

and Six will tell me:
"This no I love."
instead of
I don't like it.

It's amazing how much English they are using now!

As I was sitting and detangling Five's hair yesterday, 
she casually told her Daddy and I that: 
"In Ethiopia, outside lights off, doggies eat."
When we asked for clarification...
she made this low growling sound.


When we asked her what they eat...
she named herself and the other two littles.

Double yikes.

As they are speaking more English...
we are learning more about their life in Ethiopia.
Some things we can't even fathom here in the USA.
Our dogs don't typically pose a threat.
We don't have dogs coming to steal 
our children away in the night.

We don't have to worry about SO many things
that my babies had to worry about.

Have you ever had to worry if you were going 
to be able to feed your children in the morning?

Have you watched someone die of Malaria?

Yeah... me neither.

Their history is difficult.
Their stories are often hard to hear.
But watching them chatter in either language about 
the lights on the tree...
or hearing them try to sing along to songs on the radio...
I am SO thankful that I get to walk them through these things.
I get to be the one to hug my girls and tell them that they 
don't have to be afraid of the dark anymore.

And that our giant fuzzball won't EVER try to eat them.
She is a SUPER picky eater.


  1. Marta said the other day, "In Ethiopia, no lunch. Sooooooo hungry."

  2. Wow I can't even begin to imagine. Thankfully yours will forever be protected by you:) and your pup is pretty cute too!


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