Monday, February 13, 2012

Making a space for ME.

I have three "spots".

The one where I am standing now - in the corner of the kitchen near the stove where the counters make an "L", and where my computer lives most of the time - it's the center of the house, where the food lives, and where I do most of my upkeep.

The oversized chair in the living room. 
It's mine. 
If I have the chance to sit down...
you need to move.
Got it?

And now...
I have a #3!

I made this area for MY stuff.
MY scissors...
MY tape...
MY ribbon...
and most importantly,
MY glue gun and sewing machine!
Back away, children...
this is not your stuff.

It started like this:
Old kit-style computer cabinet.
Thought about selling it, or trashing it...
then remembered I had some paint!

Notice it's missing the cork boards from the door insets...
and its the worst possible light oak color.

So then... I got my paint, let the kids destroy the play room 
and eat multiple boxes of Tag-alongs and Thin Mints.... 
and did THIS:

Ooohhh.... it's so pretty and clean....
(horrible picture... humor me, it was like 11pm)
And then INSIDE....


I think it turned out pretty good! I need a little more white paint...
I ran out when I got to the main section of the cabinet... 
but I wanted to put all MY stuff inside NOW.

I now have THREE spots!

YAY, me!


  1. Nicely done! I love repurposing stuff! It feels so productive and thrifty. And back in the good old days, I loved to have everything all tidy and pretty like your special cabinet. But best of all, projects are the best way to distract yourself from waiting. :)

    1. Projects are about the ONLY way I can distract myself lately! Therefore - lots of projects in the works right now! ;)

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and love your list of I do or I don't- he he he....oh sooo familiar!!!!!

  3. Nice job, Chris! Where is it? In your room?

    1. Yes - in my room. I'm slowly but surely de-cluttering... and finding places for everything to live! :)

  4. HEY YOU!!! You have been tagged :)


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