Friday, February 3, 2012

18 months at home....

(Just realized... this is my 300th post!
Wow... I've got a lot of words!!)

It hit me this morning
that we've been a family of 9
for 18 months today!

18 months ago on Aug. 3, 2010
we landed back home with our
3 "littles" in tow,
 hardly able to wait to see our 4 big kids
holding "Welcome Home!" signs 
at the airport!

In a lot of ways, 
it seems like yesterday.
In a lot MORE ways
I can't believe they've only
been with us for 18 months!
It kinda seems like they've always been our kids!

Some things I've noticed...

18 months ago - anything and everything we gave them - they ate it all.
They woke up asking about foot, felt scared when I said "wait", and hung out in the kitchen a lot.
NOW - They no longer finish every crumb on their plates at meals.
They may even choose not to eat whatever I've made, choosing instead to wait till the next meal.

THEN: #5 and 6 were wearing 2T clothing at 4 and 5 years old. 
NOW: They are mostly caught up - having grown 7" EACH since then!

THEN: I had to sit in the bedroom with the Baby Boy every night while he fell asleep. I thought he'd never learn to go to bed without me at the foot of his bed, on the floor by his bed, or laying next to him. It took months and months.... but,
NOW: He gets in the bed and hides under the covers from me just so he can yank the blankets down with a dramatic "RAWR!!" when I walk in his room to tuck him in! 

THEN: Scared to DEATH of our dog. Her every movement caused screaming and panic. 
NOW: They love her and lay on her to watch TV!

THEN: Terrified of gummy worms.
NOW: Candy? Yes, please!!

There are many, many, many other changes over the past 18 months - but things just seem so normal now it's hard to pinpoint how far we've come!

I'm just so thankful to get to be the mommy to such great kids...
all 7 of the ones at home,
and the 5 still waiting...
I'm blessed.

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