Saturday, February 25, 2012

The making of the coolest beds ever

In case you've just joined our story like, today...
we are hoping to VERY STINKING SOON
bring home our new 5 kiddos. 
They are wonderful, and cute and we miss them.

In the meantime...
we've got stuff to do!

My husband has been busy cutting up wood and stuff
and building things, like the laundry organizational wonderfulness he made back in January!

We were standing in the girls' "dormitory" a few weeks ago and had the 
brilliant idea to build two beds into the dormers, therefore using up otherwise wasted space!
Who hates wasted space?! I sure do. 

We found a decent queen size memory foam mattress
 that we could cut in half - 
which would be the perfect size for those spaces 
and ordered them online with free shipping! 

Then Paul got to work!
I'm just going to show pictures since my words would be all 
"then he cut up some more wood, 
and then he screwed stuff together, then he cut up more wood..."
so I will spare you my commentary.

Note the bead board on the sides! He found out our
H.Depot has a section of "culled wood" that they sell dirt cheap!
Found some good stuff!

Genius. Minivan back door lift thingies. 

My claim to fame - - I painted them white!

Open... for storing all their crap treasures.

The bed open and in place.

The beds inside the dormer space.
We are putting bookshelves on  either side to fill in the difference in space.
Aren't they GORGEOUS?!?
Okay... here's how they work on the awesome minivan door thingies:

So, there you have it! My wonderful hubby built TWO of these and after we pick up beds that are being given to us, and he modifies ones we have, we should be ready for sleeping by the dozen! 

I love you, honey.
You did a GREAT job.
Totally Pinterest-worthy!


  1. That is GENIUS and looks AMAZING!!!! And all the storage too :) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW!!! They are amazing! I love that they open for storage (hidden storage at that! That's the best kind for their, treasures!)

  3. love love love - and i think you should claim the space for non seasonal clothes! :)

  4. I absolutely love them. I'm thinking that "storage space" is gonna make a great hiding place for some little ones. My kids would be all over that.


  5. When we were kids, you would've put me under the bed, closed it, and then sat on it...trapping me inside. :)

    Amazing job, Chrissy and Paul!! Those are the coolest beds! I'm curious who has claimed the space.

  6. Wow. Nothing gets me excited like hidden storage. Good job Paul!

  7. Very impressed. Great use of the space!

  8. Can you share from where you got the air hinges?



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