Monday, February 6, 2012

Just some pictures!

Writer's block...
or rather, too many half-written blog posts...
So, I give you pictures!

Our current #7...
(I've got to come up with a new naming system including the new kids)
"Hey buddy, wanna share that cookie with Mommy?"

I take this as a "NO".

One of these things is not like the others.
 One of these things just doesn't belong...

A newspaper article that still makes me giggle...

And yes, I know it's pronounced "CROP-pie"... it still sounds like "crappy" in my head.

I took 7 kids to the optometrist in December.
3 left with glasses...
here are two of the cuties with their new specs!

My hubby was building shelves over the laundry area and this little guy kept thinking it was his new bunk bed. He even thought he was going to sleep there that night! 
It WOULD save on space... hmmm...!
(Just kidding... nobody call my social worker...)

And finally...
my oldest kiddo...
all fancied up
and heading to his first school dance!
(I'm officially OLD.)

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  1. You had me at "took seven kids to the optometrist in December."


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