Sunday, June 13, 2010

While I'm waiting

Today I am more at peace with the wait.

I can't describe it, or explain why, so I feel that it must be from Jesus.

What are my plans for the wait?

Well... I can realistically presume we will be there within 2 months... so I have stuff to do.

I would like to finish de-cluttering the house. We have a lot of "clutter" laying around and I have this urge to simplify things.

I would like to organize the clothes for the new kids. We don't really know what sizes they will be wearing when they come home, so if I have them sorted into drawers, it will make things easier to pick through.

I would like to put some meals in the freezer.

I may shave the dog. I am SO tired of fur everywhere... maybe a hairless Great Pyrenees will be the next big thing?

I am praying for a front-loading washer and dryer. The extra capacity will be super helpful once we are a family of 9.

Also praying we can fence in the yard before we return home. Not sure where all this money is coming from... so these large purchases may just not be possible.

We will also need a giant van. Not going to think about that right now... I really don't see myself driving the big giant van.

I want to take the kids to the pool at least once or twice a week.

I want to go spend the day with my grandmother a couple of times and also go visit my great-grandmother.

I would like to get my craft table set up in my bedroom so I can sew and make some more bows for the girls.

I want to try out some new recipes for stuff I can eat that travels well in a suitcase getting smooshed for 20 hours in the underneath of a plane.

So... I have stuff to keep me busy these next weeks until we know for sure when we will bring our babies home. Those who have gone before me assure me that these weeks will fly by. I guess we will see about that!


  1. WE have a giant van (12 pass) and it's only myself and three kids, but I LOVE it!!! It's so great when we travel, we can bring scooters and just stuff! :) I can also move the kids whenever and wherever the need may arise! :) And we can invite others along and have room for more! It really has been great! You won't regret it! :)

  2. Sooo glad you have found a little peace and rest. Those little ones will be home so soon! Enjoy these last few weeks...shower lots of love on your kiddos at home before they have to share you....and yes! shave the dog!!

  3. I did great until the end of week 3 post court. Maybe because I'm now off for the summer and have more time to think. I have a little more to do, but then I am taking vacation one this week, and vacation two next week to try and stay sane!!!


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