Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another reason why it's hard to wait

A friend dropped off some clothes and
inside that bag was this really cute pair
of baby girl crocs.
I don't know if they will fit...
but I will take them just in case!

I miss you, babies.
Mommy will be there really soon, I promise.


  1. Chrissy - you won the coffee and tea from my blog
    please send me your address and I will get those to you Monday. Yay - congrats!!!

  2. I was looking through Et pictures today... I smiled and prayed over your three kiddos as I stared at their sweet smiles!

    from me, the one your daughter attached herself to when I was trying to feed my own son :)

  3. I wanted to mail the coffee and tea to you but I don't have your address - can you send it to me at
    thanks again and God bless!


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