Friday, June 25, 2010

100th post!

So, my friend Jamey says that I have to do 100 things about me for my 100th post.
I doubt there ARE 100 things about me... but I will try!!

1. I have been married 15 years to a wonderful guy!

2. I am the mom of 7 kids!

3. We have a Great Pyrenees who thinks she's human.

4. We have lived in our house for 2 years now - almost a record for us!

5. I can't eat gluten

6. I like to jump on the trampoline with my kids

7. I hate the mall, but I love Buckle... Buckle is only at the mall, so I go when I need jeans.

8. I love coffee

9. I buy raw milk and fresh eggs from a local farm

10. I am very nervous about our trip to Ethiopia.

11. I love 80's high school movies and family sit-com's

12. I love to read, but rarely fiction

13. I may be the only person alive who remembers the kids' show Shirt Tales.

14. I know every line from Fools Rush In.

15. I hate when people say "quote" when they mean "quotation".

16. I was Chuck E Cheese for one summer in high school. 

17. Blood type O+... (100 things about me is HARD!!)

18. I've broken my nose twice.

19. I hate the sound when someone is cutting steak and they scrape the plate with the knife.

20. My husband is a chef  which has been a huge blessing with my weird diet.

21. My legal first name is Chrissy. It's not short for anything.

22. I love guacamole.

23. I am the only person in our house with green (or without brown) eyes.

24. Milk Chocolate makes me sneeze, but I love dark chocolate.

25. I could spend lots of money at the nursery (plant variety), but would probably kill all of the plants.

26. I wish I had a craft room so I could sew and scrapbook and leave it all out all the time.

27. I played the flute for like 2 months.

28. I was never a cheerleader.

29. I like going to "hot yoga" classes, but have not been in a couple of years.

30. I love Sunday afternoon naps.

31. I like the idea of sushi... but don't actually enjoy eating it.

32. I used to have this blonde streak down the back of my hair that was natural. Then I started coloring my 

33. I dyed my hair VERY red once. Not good.

34. I hate shaving my legs.

35. I never paint my nails because

36. I bite my nails when I am nervous

37. I currently have no fingernails.

38. I hate laundry.

39. I threaten to institute "Naked Day" so that I can get caught up on laundry.

40. I never remember how old I am. I have to do the math every single time.

41. I buy my daughter nicer shoes now that she is in my size... and 12 years old.

42. I borrow my daughter's shoes. She hates that.

43. I hate when people leave cabinet doors open.

44. I got sunburned today at the pool because I didn't think I needed sunscreen since it was cloudy. Classic.

45. I check out my blog reader map frequently hoping I have an Ethiopian reader. I don't.

46. I cried at Toy Story 3.

47. I was pregnant with our second child on my 21st birthday.

48. I graduated high school at 17.

49. I am horrible with numbers and frequently transpose them in my brain. 

50. My ideal weather is 75 degrees year round, except for Nov. and Dec. which should have snow.

51. It has taken me over two hours to come up with 50 items. I am very boring.

52. I consider driving 4 1/2 hours to Atlanta to go to Ikea just to get tiny tea sets for the girls. 

53. I would love to buy lots of land and start a family retreat/camp.

54. I want animals. A small cow, chickens, a lamb... 

55. I had a lamb in 4th grade thru 4H. His name was Lambert. I didn't read the fine print about the auction.

56. I don't eat lamb.

57. I don't think I could survive as a vegetarian.

58. I have to have a fan on to be able to sleep.

59. I buy those bags of cheap tube popsicles to hand out to all the neighborhood kids who come over.

60. Be warned: if your child comes over, they will be told they can have one...even if it's 5pm.

61. I met my hubby in culinary school. 

62. No, that doesn't make me a chef.

63. I cut my thumb in the butcher shop and got 8 stitches. 

64. Paul and I had our first date on Feb.8, 1995.

65. We got engaged on Feb. 22, 1995.

66. We got married 101 days later!

67. I have around 72 credit hours towards my Bachelors of Science in Religion.

68. I would like to write books and speak at conferences when I grow up.

69. My packing checklists give me a false sense of security - like I can get packed in a hurry.

70. I can't imagine being away from my kids for 2 weeks when we go to Ethiopia.

71. I also can't imagine what it will be like to have 7 kids in the same house.

72. I want to design some shirts for us to wear home - all matchy-matchy.

73. I rock at Guitar Hero on wii, but only left-handed. I am normally right handed. It's weird.

74. The most emotional day of our adoption journey was the day we were matched with our kids.

75. The 2nd most emotional was the day we found out our travel group assignment.

76. I cried hysterically both times. Can't-catch-my-breath-praise-Jesus crying.

77. I don't like sports on TV, but I can watch almost anything live.

78. I love riding horses.

79. I love campfires.

80. I miss s'mores with real graham crackers.

81. I love coconut cake!

82. I used to love to bake until I couldn't eat anything I made anymore.

83. I wish I could magically lose 15 lbs before I get on the plane for Ethiopia.

84. Hubby and I have one day/night in Germany on our way to Ethiopia!

85. I am very afraid of airplane trips. Not so much the flying part as the crashing part.

86. I am sad that I now get very sick on spinning rides at the amusement park. I used to love them.

87. I love my Polish Stoneware items. I have 2 dinner plates, 2 mugs a serving bowl and a pitcher.

88. We need a new family photo so I have one to take to Ethiopia.

89. I would like to get bento boxes for my kids to make cool lunches for this school year.

90. I know myself well enough to know bento box lunches are outside the realm of my ability with 7 kids.

91. I do well to remember to feed everyone lunch.

92. Sam's fish jumped out of its fishbowl last night. 

93. I found out bettas get gooey, sticky AND cemented to wood tables when they die.

94. I love lilacs and hydrangeas. 

95. I am stalking this outdoor glider chair at Kroger. I want it for my porch.

96. I have a hard time going to sleep with Paul out of town.

97. However, I do take up the whole bed when he is gone. 

98. I would like a chalkboard wall in my kitchen but there aren't really any walls in my kitchen.

99. I am very thankful this is not a cicada summer here in Tennessee. They scare me SO much!

100. I am thankful for my friends and family who have helped me through the past 6 months of emotional up's and downs, the waiting, the elation, the preparations, the questions, the doubt, the insanity, the exuberance, and the rest of it! I don't know what I would have done without you!! 



  1. wow- we have lots in common..i have driven 3 hours to the IKEA in atlanta - I am in SC...however, now they opened one in Charlotte. So yesterday after we were matched with our son- guess where i went??? IKEA!!!


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