Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Updating our story!

If you have linked here from my fundraiser on A Charity Project
thank you for visiting!!

Here are some links you may want to read to get acquainted with our story!

I leave for Ethiopia on January 5th - arriving the night of the 6th, 
and meeting our new 5 on Ethiopian Christmas - January 7th! 
Melkam Genna, everybody!

I will be able to share photos of our kiddos once we pass court in Ethiopia,
but until then, just imagine 3 boys and 2 girls ages 9 down to 3,
and put enormous smiles on their faces while holding photo albums filled with 
pictures of our family and promises that we are coming for them...
and you've got an idea of how precious they are!!

We are blessed that you would consider donating a dollar per plane ticket home...
just $7 from a bunch of people can be blessed, multiplied and expanded to cover
our trip home from Ethiopia with our new kiddos!! 
Thank you for being a part of our story!!

Paul, Chrissy and a dozen amazing kids!


  1. How encouraging! If you have any tips or words of wisdom for us, we are in a similar place as your family was with your first adoption. We have four kids and are adding 2 more siblings. People think we are crazy (and honestly, we do too sometimes), my heart hurts to think that there are some kids who don't have a mom and dad... and that we have enough love and home to fit them in... how can we say no :)

    Also, We are friends with an adoptive family who has 15 children (a family of 17). If you want me to connect you to them let me know. Two of their adoptions were out of Ethiopia.

  2. I can totally empathize :) we're paying off our own adoption debt. Ugh. We brought little Max home from Russia just before thanksgiving, and if it hadn't cost us $47,000 to get him here we'd be on the airplane to get 2 more in a heart beat. God will provide!

  3. Man - if you lived closer I'd totally make you come give me a foot massage right now ;)

  4. Chrissy! You are over $7,000 on your $7 for 7!!! I've only commented on here a few times, but I have followed your blog for a while, and I have to say I am crying tears of joy for you and for the support people are showing you. God bless your family.

  5. Hi there Chrissy! Just found your blog through a friend on FB. We have 10 kids, all adopted except one from all over the world. Blessings and favor of God upon you. I will remember you in my prayers and I marked your blog to keep up with you. Blessings, Melissa Carter

  6. Raised So Far: $10,769.00
    I am amazed. God is great! Congrats, guys!

  7. Happy New Years !!!

    Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

  8. What a crazy story God has written for you -I love it! His ideas are so much bigger than ours, aren't they?


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