Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moving right along

I got an email yesterday
that had me smiling 
for quite awhile!

"your dossier was submitted to court today".


For those not fluent in adoption lingo...
this just means that our great big book of every important paper in our lives
has been translated into Ahmaric,
and they took it and logged it in with the court 
so that they can look it over,
and assign us a court date!

Things are different this time around.

We will have to personally appear in court.
(which means we are making two trips out of the country)

So...sometime within 1-2 weeks
we should get another email
letting us know when to be there the first time.

No, we won't bring our kiddos home this time.
That will be unimaginably hard, I'm sure.

I made this awful visual aide for your viewing pleasure!

So... as you can see... we are at the beginning of this messy timeline!
Prayers appreciated...
sometimes I'm scared out of my mind,
sometimes I am so impatient I surprise myself,
and sometimes I just feel totally inadequate.

Come on court date!!
I want to go meet my babies!!!


  1. It looks like we could be headed to court at about the same time! We are waiting on a court date too =) So excited for you guys!! You echo all my emotions...we are about to go from 2 to 5 kids...I can hardly imagine going to 12- your journey is amazing!

  2. HA! Beautiful cartoon. I think I understood most of it ;-)

  3. Oh, and congratulations by the way. That is an exciting step!


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