Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ethiopian adoptions

This is one of those rambling posts that's meant for someone out there reading it...
and I don't know who...
so humor me.

Have you heard this?

"There's no way I would adopt from Ethiopia right now. It's too scary." 
Yeah, *I* said it.

And you know what else I said?

"I would not adopt from Ethiopia again because I could never trust my agency, the process, or the ethics surrounding my child's relinquishment."

But here's the problem with these statements.

There are still children there who need families.
There are still good agencies out there who advocate for the children FIRST.
There are still many, many children out there who are truly orphaned, and who truly have no other hope than international adoption.

How can you tell one from the other?

Well, here's where it gets sticky.
I believe with my whole entire heart that if you pray fervently about this decision, you will NOT be led astray. I just believe it.

But then,
I am a Jesus-follower.
     I believe He is who He says He is.
           I believe that He guides our steps and lights our paths if we seek Him.
I also believe it doesn't always look the way we think it will.
I also believe there are plenty of families out there who are also Jesus-followers who have had HORRIBLE experiences in their lives, with their adoptions, with their families, with whatever.
We aren't God's quarterbacks... we get tackled by the world's crap all the time.

Here's what I do know.
If you feel the Lord calling your heart to Africa,
and you know your family qualifies for Ethiopia,
and you would adopt from there "if ____ was different",
and you are letting fear drive your heart...
then you aren't listening to the still small voice within you, guiding you, and gently prodding your heart to just
Let Go.
Have Faith.
Fall back into the arms of safety.

For those of you caught up in the junk right now - closures, transfers, paperwork messes, deception and worse...
I pray that you are able to feel some peace today.
Know that the powers at work over that type of chaos are NOT the powers that control this world.
I've seen it before and I KNOW that I know that I know that anything is possible.
And sometimes you get disappointed.
But He is still very, very good.

So, please... make an informed, educated decision... don't allow fear to control your life.
Be wise, use your God-given intelligence to make a good decision, but sometimes where He points you makes NO sense to the rest of the world.
And that's okay too.


  1. I really appreciate this post! I have been letting such a fear take over my heart. When I hear "bad" news coming from Ethiopia and how it can/will effect our adoption I let that fear take over, and worry that this adoption isnt going to actually happen, we will suffer heartbreak and great financial loss. Thank you for the reminder that this is God's calling and I need to let go and trust Him in this. It can be so easy to let that Fear prevent you from following God's amazing plan!

  2. AMEN!!!!! Oh my word, you totally hit the nail on the head, girl.

    You just posted what I'm thinking!! It's so hard for people to 'get it' or care or whatever.

    Thank you for this!! And thanks for following my blog! :)

  3. just for laughs tonight.....

    this past weekend I was in conversation with someone I have never met before. we started talking about our adoption process....a few minutes later my daughter came up to me and asked me a question....they lady quickly looked at me and said, she is beautiful, now is she real; really yours.

    Sometimes, we just have to laugh! Thought you would enjoy...have a great night!

  4. Hi, just found you blog and read this. When we started our adoption journey, I felt called to Africa and we let the Lord lead us to whatever country our children were at. I heard the same comments about Ethiopia and I had to put those thoughts aside and follow our path. In the end, our children are in Ghana and that has not been without waiting and occasional bumps on the road. But if our children had been in Ethiopia, we would have pursued with confidence that the Lord would see us through. I hope no one let's fear be the determining factor on their adoption. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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