Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st day jitters

I'm sure you know how it is.
I don't need to describe this in full detail...
but I will anyway.
Because it's my blog and I can write whatever I want.
So, there!

The first day of Kindergarten.
Can't sleep the night before...
tummy all in knots...
disinterested in breakfast...
making sure the hair is just right...
getting all the supplies ready WAY ahead of time...
feeling like you might cry or puke, or both...
Wanting to turn around and go home as soon as you arrive to school...

And I'm sure the girls were nervous too... on some level.
Because THAT was ALL ME.
This morning.
The first day of Kindergarten.

Oh, just punch me in the stomach next time instead, okay? Ugh...
It's painful!

So here is what I would say to my girls:
(if they were all mushy and sappy like me... and if I could complete a grown up thought without being interrupted a hundred times to explain what I mean.)

Sweet precious baby girls,
Oh my goodness I am so proud of you!!
You have been super excited to start school! You are so excited to become "big girls" like your older sisters and incredibly ready to ride the bus to school.

But, babies... I'm just not ready!! As I fixed your hair and helped pick out your clothes, I just kept thinking about how no one had better be mean to my girls. Oh, woe to the bully that calls you a mean name or refuses to play a game with you because they took a look at your gorgeous selves and just decided they didn't want to be around you.

It's just not fair that I've had you for just one short year and now that season has just abruptly come to a stop. I remember those days this time last year when you would wait for the bus to bring your brothers and sisters home and I remember thinking it was so cute how you wanted to go to school too... but now that day is here and I am just so sad that the days go by as fast as they do!

I walked you to your classrooms today, as slowly as I could, and helped you unpack your supplies - but you didn't really need much help. I helped you pick out a seat, next to a girl who looked really nice and friendly... but you didn't need me to lift you into your chair or help you open your crayons. You ARE big girls now and no matter how sad I am today, I am SO proud of you!! You have grown so much this year! You have learned so much more than a whole new language - you have learned to be a part of a family, to be little sisters and to have friends. I know you are ready for school, sweet babies... it's just me that's not ready. Mommies usually get 5 or 6 years to be ready, and I only got one. So if you see some little tears in my eyes while I am smiling and listening to how much you love your class and how nice your teacher is... Mommy is gonna be okay. It's just hard to watch my sweet babies getting big faster than I can keep up.

I love you, girls...
I just know you are going to be AWESOME Kindergarteners!

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  1. Hugs Chrissy. They look so beautiful and so big! It's amazing what one year in your family can do.


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